About BCTR

We create programs that solve human problems with the power of translational research.

4-H National Youth Science Day at Public School 21 in Brooklyn, New York.

 The Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR) in the College of Human Ecology capitalizes on one of the most dynamic and exciting recent developments in the scientific community: the new emphasis on translational research (TR) as a means to more closely link the twin missions of research and outreach.

TR is the systematic movement of research findings into the development of innovative interventions, practices and policies to improve human health and well-being, and also the use of knowledge derived from community and government interventions, practices and policies to inform research.

in 2011

The BCTR was founded to promote translational research and train researchers, practitioners and policymakers to participate in and use TR in their work.

We envision a bi-directional pathway between scientific research and community practice, bridging these two realms in more effective ways.

The Bronfenbrenner Center fosters research to understand and discover solutions to human problems across multiple levels of analysis (individual, interpersonal, community, organizational, governmental), as well as to identify, evaluate and disseminate evidence-based and cost-efficient practices and programs.

The BCTR focuses on research that informs policy issues and debates. Further, we engage stakeholders at the local, state and national levels in more effective partnerships with CHE researchers. In these efforts, the Bronfenbrenner Center responds to the call in the University Strategic Plan to “strongly connect extension and outreach to on-campus research and educational strengths.”

Meet Urie

The BCTR was named in honor of Cornell’s renowned developmental psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner, who pioneered a multidisciplinary and translational approach to human development and helped create the federal Head Start program.

What’s Next at BCTR?

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