Community Neuroscience Initiative

Community Neuroscience Initiative

 The Community Neuroscience Initiative (CNI) makes neuroscience more accessible to practitioners and community members and encourages individuals from all backgrounds to see themselves in neuroscience.

Executive Committee

Marlen Z. Gonzalez, PhD

Eve DeRosa, PhD

Adam Anderson, PhD

CNI is a new program which seeks to remove barriers to empowered participation in neuroscience for all people both as consumers and active co-creators. It rests on the following pillars:

  • Democratizing neuroscience: empowering communities and individuals to understand and have ownership of their brains and the questions asked by neuroscientists.
  • Translation to the community: using neuroscience to understand and solve pressing problems in local and global communities.
  • Neurodiversity: Contextualizing human neural differences as part of biodiversity and de-pathologizing the reflection of lived experiences in the brain and body.
hundreds of tiny portraits make a mosaic over a large image of a brain

Planned activities include:

  • Educational programming “Brain Days” aimed at engaging youth especially those from underrepresented and marginalized communities in neuroscience education
  • Participation in BCTR programming aimed at disseminating neuroscience research based on community practitioner’s needs (Ask a Neuroscientist!)
  • Developing translational neuroscience research projects with practitioners and policy makers, especially around food insecurity and development.

Partner with us! 

CNI is looking for community partners, funders, and neuroscientists interested in breaking down barriers and applying neuroscience to pressing social problems. We want to hear from you!

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