For Researchers

The BCTR assists Cornell University faculty in the development of translational research projects.

Learning the principles of Translational Research at the 2018 Cornell Translational Research Summer Institute

Opportunities for researchers can involve providing support to experienced investigators that will increase the likelihood that a faculty member will receive funding for their translational research project, or will more readily complete a project and disseminate its results.

For faculty with less experience doing translational research, the BCTR provides proposal preparation assistance, training, and technical support, and help to broker collaborative relationships with other more experienced faculty.

Some center support for faculty includes:

  • Assistance gaining access to diverse research participants
  • Unique data sets for secondary analysis
  • Our interactive “How to” workshops, teaching translational research methods
  • BCTR administrative staff may also help prepare and submit proposals if it has been determined that the grant would be administered in the BCTR.

Events for Researchers

How-to Workshops and More

We offer workshops on translational research, an intensive summer institute and exciting talks on current research. Join us!