For Students

The BCTR can help you identify student research opportunities and explore other exciting possibilities.

PRYDE Scholar Carúmey Stevens at a student event

With its dual emphasis on research and practice, careers in TR attract those who seek both scientific grounding and community relevance. 

The BCTR engages undergraduate and graduate students in research and outreach programs for credit, as work-study and as regularly paid employees.

Lily Anne Trainor

Plant Sciences ’20

This is Lily’s second year working as a student assistant for the NY State 4-H Office in the BCTR.

Lauren Aronson

Human Development ’17

Lauren is currently a first year graduate student pursing her Master of Social Work at NYU Silver School of Social Work.

Lily McGovern

Human Biology, Health & Society ’19

Lily is an undergraduate senior studying human biology, health & society in the College of Human Ecology.

For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can become more formally involved with the BCTR through for-credit, work-study or paid positions within BCTR projects. Students gain direct experience with research and analysis in real-world projects, collaborating with project staff and other students. For some, involvement with the BCTR has led to a deeper commitment to translational research, as well as the contacts and experience to pursue a future in their chosen field.

The center administers the Gerontology Minor. Undergrads from any major who complete 12 credits in approved courses are eligible to receive the minor. The program offers undergraduate student research opportunities to become involved in faculty projects examining aspects of aging.

The BCTR also supports its community of students through special events, including:

  • Meet and greet events for research assistants
  • Student Showcase of research presentations
  • Grad/undergrad mixer

Undergraduate Gerontology Minor

The Gerontology Minor is a program open to all undergraduates in a multidisciplinary field that is professionally diverse and rapidly growing.

The undergraduate gerontology minor program also offers opportunities to become involved in research projects with faculty in the Bronfenbrenner Center and throughout the University.

For Graduate Students

There are a number of ways graduate students can become involved with BCTR, ranging from graduate seminars to formal affiliation with the center. Contact us for further information.


HD 6580/PADM 5380

Seminar in Translational Research: Bridging Research, Programs and Policies is offered by Janis Whitlock, BCTR associate director for teaching and training. This graduate seminar will explore the principles and current state of the field known as translational research. In short, translational research is concerned with the application of research-based knowledge or evidence to the development and dissemination of programs, practices and policies. This course is particularly focused on social and health-related programs and policies.

Other Opportunities for Graduate Students

Talks at Twelve: This lecture series affords graduate students the opportunity to share the results of their work and gain experience giving conference-style presentations. Center staff and researchers along with community members and stakeholders are invited to attend. If you are a BCTR-affiliated grad student interested in delivering a Talk at Twelve, please contact Lori Biechele.