Awards for Students

BCTR is proud to provide 3 different funding opportunities for undergraduate students.

Iscol Summer Internships in Public Service

The Iscol Summer Internships in Public Service is a component of the overall Iscol Program for Leadership Development in Public Service. The goal of the summer internships is to support students who have an interest in gaining experience in public service settings or exploring public service as a career.

young woman gestures to a group of children

Summer Iscol Scholar at a health fair in NYC

It does so by working with existing organizations and programs on campus which sponsor summer internships in the public service sector in Ithaca, New York City, New York State, or elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad. Support from the Iscol Program allows more students to experience public service internships than would be possible otherwise. Wherever possible, the program will support students who wish to be placed in the home organizations of speakers brought to campus in the fall of each year. Examples of programs on campus that offer summer internships for undergraduates and that could benefit from additional support for summer internships in public service include:

  • the Urban Semester Summer in the City Program,
  • the Global Health Program, and the
  • Public Service Center Summer of Service Work Study Program.

Students apply directly to the programs listed above and once admitted become identified as Iscol Summer Interns.

Kendal at Ithaca Scholarship

To foster a closer tie between Cornell and Kendal at Ithaca, the nearby continuing care retirement community, an anonymous Cornell alumnus and Kendal resident established a Kendal at Ithaca Scholarship in the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research. Each year, the Kendal scholarship award goes to a College of Human Ecology undergraduate or graduate student interested in gerontology. Preference is given to a student who has some hands-on experience and is anticipating a career in the field.

The donor, who built a career in the corporate world after graduating from Cornell in the 1940’s, wished to remain anonymous so that the focus of the scholarship is on the Kendal/ Cornell connection.

The donor pointed out that “creating a closer link between the two generations of Kendal and Cornell means more students have a chance to learn about the colorful, interesting lives and careers of retirees, and more residents have an opportunity to better understand students of today – their hopes, thoughts, and dreams. Greater involvement will be very stimulating for both.”

Roberta M. Berns ’65 Memorial Research Award

This award provides financial assistance to an undergraduate student working with a BCTR faculty member on a research project, which may take place during an academic semester or over a summer. The first student was named in the summer of 2016. The award is administered by the dean of the College of Human Ecology in consultation with the director of the BCTR.