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COVID-19 in Prisons

Doing Translational Research podcast July 15, 2020 Lauren Brinkley-Rubenstein Social Medicine, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Youth are Assets, not Problems

Doing Translational Research podcast June 15, 2020 Jane Powers BCTR, Cornell University

Conflicting Policy Responses to Violence

Doing Translational Research podcast May 15, 2020 Tasseli McKay Division for Applied Justice Research, Research Triangle Institute

Improving relationship quality in group care settings: The impact of implementing the CARE model

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Healing self-injury: A compassionate guide for parents and other loved ones

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New York, NY: Oxford University Trade Press.


Early life adversity as a predictor of sense of purpose during adulthood

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Autistic features in the general population: Implications for sensing purpose in life

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Development and validation of the dietarian identity questionnaire: Assessing self-perceptions of animal product consumption

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A better tomorrow: Towards a stronger science of youth purpose

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“You’ve always been there for me”: Understanding the lives of children raised by grandparents

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Backup parents, playmates, friends: Grandparents time with grandchildren

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Translating basic research on the aging family to caregiving intervention: The case of within-family differences

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“As good as money in the bank”: Building a personal safety net with the Earned Income Tax Credit

Tach, L., Halpern-Meekin, S., Edin, K., & Amorim, M. (2018).

Social Problems, 66, 274–293. doi:10.1093/socpro/spy001