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Protecting Families and Children in the Crosshairs of the Opioid Epidemic

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BCTR Talks at Twelve

Policymakers, practitioners and the American public are increasingly concerned that children are experiencing severe collateral consequences from the opioid epidemic. In this talk, Cornell Project 2Gen researchers and Cornell Cooperative Extension-Tompkins County practitioners will discuss their research-practice partnership addressing the impact of the opioid epidemic on vulnerable caregivers and their children. The team members will present research documenting the extent of this problem—both nationally and here in New York—as well as promising approaches to support families and improve child wellbeing for those who struggle with substance misuse. They will also discuss lessons learned regarding how to build and sustain effective research-practice partnerships.


Laura Tach is Cornell Project 2Gen co-director and a sociologist who studies poverty and family life. Her research examines the effects of economic inequality for families and communities and how public policy can disrupt the transmission of inequality across generations.

Elizabeth Day is the Cornell Project 2Gen assistant director for policy engagement with training in human development and family studies and expertise in the use of research by policymakers.

Anna Steinkraus is the family and community development program coordinator for Cornell Cooperative Extension-Tompkins County, a co-primary investigator on the William T. Grant Institutional Challenge Grant Opioids and Family Life Project, and co-chair of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Opioids and Parenting Education Program Work Teams.

Juliana Garcia is the two-generation family and community educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension-Tompkins County and a member of the William T. Grant Institutional Challenge Grant Opioids and Family Life Project team.

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Laura Tach →Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University
Elizabeth Day →BCTR, Cornell University
Anna SteinkrausCornell Cooperative Extension-Tompkins County
Juliana GarciaCornell Cooperative Extension-Tompkins County


April 22, 2021 | 12:00 pm1:00 pm