The Residential Child Care Project

The Residential Child Care Project has been invited to over 40 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, Russia, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom with its ongoing programs to prevent institutional child abuse and improve the quality of residential childcare.

Principal Investigator & Director

Martha Holden

Project Website

RCCP’s widely-disseminated Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) System is used in hundreds of residential child care institutions and has also been adapted for other congregate care settings, as well as for foster and adoptive families. The Children and Residential Experiences (CARE) project implements and evaluates a program model based on a set of research-based principles to help child care agencies re-align their organizational practices around the best interests of children. It is used in over 40 agencies worldwide and its efficacy is currently being evaluated in two multi-site research trials in the US. Its Institutional Child Abuse (IAB) program prevention and investigations assists state governments throughout the USA with training and technical assistance geared to the prevention and investigation of child abuse and neglect in residential and out of home care facilities.

RCCP Director Martha Holden speaks at an Residential Child Care Project retreat

The Community of Practice event for CARE Executives

CARE Executives create their own conference program at The Community of Practice event