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Paternal incarceration and children’s risk of being charged by early adulthood: Evidence from a Danish policy shock

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The effect of lowering welfare payment ceilings on children’s risk of out-of-home placement

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Parental secondary stress: The often hidden but important underbelly of non-suicidal self-injury in youth

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Mistake detection videos to improve students’ motivation in math

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Conflict with mothers and siblings during caregiving: Differential costs for black and white adult children

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Measuring ambivalent feelings in dementia family caregivers: The Caregiving Ambivalence Scale (CAS)

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Impact of pain on family members and caregivers of geriatric patients

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Multigenerational relationships in families with custodial grandparents

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Decision support for joint replacement: Implications for decisional conflict and willingness to undergo surgery

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State of the science on prevention of elder abuse and lessons learned from child abuse and domestic violence prevention: Toward a conceptual framework for research

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My pride and joy? Predicting favoritism and disfavoritism in mother-adult child relations

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Engaging older adults in environmental volunteerism: The Retirees in Service to the Environment (RISE) program

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Research in social gerontology: Social exclusion of aging adults

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Attachment-focused integrative reminiscence with older African-Americans: A randomized controlled intervention study

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Acute precipitants of physical elder abuse

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Measurement of adolescent dating violence: A comprehensive review (Part 1, behaviors)

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